音源作品「still alive」

still alive


far away, falling asleep

closing my eyelids shut out the world

melt away, the sound of my heartbeats

slightly but surely, whispers the word

that’s “still alive”







I lost my sight, I lost my shape, I lost my feeling, I lost my …

but still alive

still alive …


still alive

I lost my name

I lost my …

why still alive?

still alive



I want my right, I want my space, I want my reason, I want my …

I want my life, I want my way, I want my dream, I want myself

so still alive …


still alive

I want my name

I want my …

still alive


still alive…


(“I lost, therefore I am”, and looking up)

(“I want, therefore I am”, and taking a deep breath)

(softly wind brushes my cheek and)

(whispers the word)


still alive

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© 2018 C-Fringe

テーマの著者 Anders Norén